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We are about community. We are a safe haven where everyone is treated equally with courtesy and respect. our highly trained team provides the opportunity to grow physically and mentally in a positive, supportive environment that is always consistent. The community is extended to our members’ families also. We acknowledge their importance in this partnership that defines who we are and how it has created the reputation we’ve enjoyed for many years.

about us


Our instructors are dedicated to seeing our students succeed and focus on their strengths as well making each class more fun than the last.


We offer a wide floor space with two rooms. One of which is a fully customised Sprung floor, where our students learn to use different muscles during our training and spring right back up if they fall.

We have a wide range of programs for Ages 4 and up. With Classes such as Lil'Dragons, Hyper Pro Training, FIght Club and our own Martial arts style of Kokuryu-Kai.

Our History

In 1974, Master Thomas E Foley set up the Black Dragon karate club in Kilkenny city. During his time as chief instructor he promoted highly skilled students to Black Belts after intense testing. He later went to the U.S.A. to teach his skills to law enforcement. His many black belt students continued teaching their skills locally, keeping the club a strong competitive source. In the early – mid 90’s Mags Heffernan took over as Chief instructor. While developing a team of strong black belts they continued to expand their training to add more diversity to the club. The competition teams brought back many World Titles and became a World Champion school. With the many styles incorporated into the system it seemed right to rename the club to represent the continued expansion, and so Evolution Martial Arts Academy was born.