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Mags Heffernan. 8th Degree Black Belt, Qualified SNA and teaching assistant, certified in counselling, dip social studies. Executive Director and Child protection officer for Worlds All Styles Combat Association and Black Dragon Association . Chief instructor at Evolution Martial Arts Academy.

Mags began training in 1982 at Black Dragon Karate, studying under Grand master Thomas E Foley. After achieving her Black Belt she continued to expand her martial arts knowledge by studying a variety of styles.

After transitioning into chief Instructor she developed the club into a more freestyle school of sport karate and brought teams to compete very successfully in many world championships, including her own World Title for Self Defense, making the club a very successful World Champion school

Grand Master Mags Heffernan Head Instructor

Mark Turner

3rd Degree Black Belt

Mark has been training in karate for forty years. He studied Traditional Martial Arts at two clubs in England and one in Switzerland. He then joined Evolution in Ireland and attained the rank of 3rd Degree Black Belt. Mark has fought competitively for the club and for Ireland. In recent years he has added boxing, kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to his training.

Rachel Grogan

2nd Degree Black Belt

I have been learning martial arts at evolution martial arts academy for the past 11 years. I received my first degree black belt in 2021. I have learned a wide range of skills throughout my training, most importantly respect and discipline. Learning martial arts has not only taught me self defence but has given me the opportunity to meet a wide variety of people.

Nathan Ryan

2nd Degree Black Belt

I am a sixth year student. I’ve been doing karate for 12 years and I’m a 2nd degree Black Belt. I love listening to music and am never far from my AirPods.

Marc Veldhuis

1st Degree Black Belt

I began my training in 2010 with Evolution Martial Arts. Ever since I was a kid I always wanted to learn martial arts and in my early 20s, I finally bit the bullet. Studying martial arts gave my life a focus other than work and those within the club quickly became a second family to me. Martial arts (for me) is about respect, control, discipline, fitness, community and fun.
I have won titles for Ireland, bled, and performed in shows. I have enjoyed every minute of my Journey and will continue to study and grow my knowledge indefinitely.