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Welcome To Evolution Martial Arts Academy

Please note that training is affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. For details of current classes please see our facebook page:


Mission Statement

Evolution Martial Arts Academy is about community. We are a safe haven where everyone is treated equally, with courtesy and respect. Our highly-trained team provides students with the opportunity to grow physically and mentally in a positive, supportive environment that is always consistent. The community is extended to our members’ families also. We acknowledge their importance in this partnership that defines who we are and how it has created the great reputation we have enjoyed for many years. 


About Evolution Martial Arts Academy

Evolution Martial Arts Academy trains in the arts of sport karate. We began with a traditional karate background then we researched and trained in a variety of styles of martial arts including Shotokan, Kickboxing, Ninpo, Ninjutsu, Tae Kwon Do, Hyper Pro Training, Hyper Fight Club etc, to gain a wider knowledge and to bring Evolution Martial Arts Academy to life. We will continue to add new and tested curriculum to our academy so we can ensure a high quality and exciting training experience that is up to date with the rest of the world. We wanted to do more and give more to our students, to make the experience more enjoyable and to give them a place where they can feel safe.

We compete in many national and international competitions. Since 2002 members from our club have been representing Ireland in the World “Super Grands” Championships, winning our first titles in 2004. Every other year we compete (expense keeps us from competing each year) alongside the highest level competitors in martial arts which helps us keep our goals in sight. We are very proud to say our students stand shoulder to shoulder with the elite martial artists in the world and many have come home as World Champions.

Our classes are available to all, not just competitors. They have been carefully planned and laid out for each level of training to enable us to ensure all items on the curriculum are covered. We also have age specific classes for all levels that start with our Lil' Dragons (ages 4-6) that need to work on different physical skills but still get the martial arts training to make them the “ninjas” they want to be.